2017 Housing & Pending Home Sales Trends; Subservicer White Paper


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I hate to break the news, but racial diversity exists in the United States. In fact, many will tell you that it is one of the U.S.’s strongest attributes, and that we benefit from it. Astrophysicist Tomasz Stepinksi used NASA data to make an insanely detailed map of U.S. racial diversity , using techniques used to map Mars’ craters algorithmically. (And yes, diversity is entirely different than profiling or stereotyping.) Housing in 2017 We have all noticed that the housing market has been quite strong for a while now. Sure, there are regional and local laggards, but no one can disagree that housing trends are different than five years ago . Now, it seems some are even talking about it reaching its peak while others think the economy points to continued growth. Going back to earlier this…(read more)

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