Ally’s Consumer Direct Rollout; Jumbo News; Lender and Loan Amount Changes


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What is this, Europe? 20 weeks off for new parents at American Express? While we’re on employment trends, I’m not sure if this will come as a surprise to anyone but according to a Census Bureau report the number of IT workers has increased tenfold since 1970. Median annual earnings of IT occupation workers were $80,665 in 2014, or almost twice as much as the median earnings of the total workforce in 2014. It also seems to be a job that doesn’t always require an office: IT workers were twice as likely to work at home as all workers (10% compared to 4%) which sure helps traffic. Diving into product news, there are developments in the jumbo/non-conforming arena. JMAC Lending has a new non-agency program, with greater flexibility on LTVs. Highlights of JMAC Lending’s Newport Non-Agency program…(read more)

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