Another Lender Acquired; Training Events; Thoughts on Mr. Cordray


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I think the rumors out there about Richard Cordray taking a much deserved break and then, forget that governor stuff, stepping into Dave Stevens’ shoes running the MBA are farfetched. Now, forgetting for a moment about comp issues (Cordray is earning about $180k per year ), if Dave were to have a desire to run the CFPB, that would be interesting indeed. Musings aside, law-abiding lenders value the role of the CFPB, and there have been positive contributions. It’s the methodology, consumer complaint portal, governing by enforcement action, and the terrible punitive nature of its activities that the industry objects to. In additional personnel news, industry Sherpa David Kittle withdrew his name for nomination as President of Ginnie Mae. Given the lengthy and easily delayed endorsement procedure…(read more)

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