Another Mortgage Settlement; Shutdown Update for Lenders; Rates are low Because…


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This government shutdown is over 215 miles of fencing along a 2,000-mile border. Rate-wise, there is growing thought that the Fed has overshot rate changes and that there will be 0 increases in 2019. In other “fun with numbers” news, STRATMOR tells us that, traditionally, 82% of residential production comes from 40% of the loan officers out there. Lenders have certainly been fervently cutting back on the 60% of MLOs who are only producing 18% of closed volume. And while we’re talking about the changing face of loan officers, here’s a nice study on age groups : not every originator is in their 70s. Lender Marketing Product Stop Losing Money in 2019! With the mortgage industry becoming increasingly difficult to survive let alone thrive, companies are in search of new marketing…(read more)

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