Appraisal News; Utah Sinkholes; FHFA Addresses AMC’s Value and Quality


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Supply and demand drive markets and prices, including luxury items and especially housing. What do you give the person who has everything? How about a pretty personalized credit card ? “Each card takes over 100 man-hours of delicate and painstakingly meticulous work. Aurae master jewelers craft your designs into precious metal and stone; providing you a durable, functional and elegant piece of art.” Maybe they could use some of those man-hours in Northern California where 5,000 residential units were destroyed last year due to wildfires. Most of those homes have yet to be rebuilt, in part because of a dearth of construction crews. As a result, rental prices have shot up by as much as 30 percent , and there’s a vacancy rate of just 1.5 percent for residential structures. Appraisal…(read more)

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