Appraisal Trends; Fannie & Freddie – Never a Dull Moment


Posted To: Pipeline Press

How’d you like to work for a company that was in the press nearly every day – rarely in a good way? How’d you like to work for a company whose future is uncertain, and anyone with a keyboard can comment on it? How’d you like to be thought of as a ward of the state, unable to save any money for a rainy day? How’d you like to work for a company whose history and good works seem to have been forgotten, and the employees can’t discuss the future? Welcome to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – and below there’s a lot of news with the Agencies. It’s not all fun and games – unlike the Chicago White Sox and Guaranteed Rate. Guaranteed Rate has signed a 13-year naming rights contract with the Sox: beginning November 1 the MLB stadium will be named…(read more)

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