ARM and Jumbo Changes; Upcoming Events and Training


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If you claim that many areas of the nation have few houses for sale, no one will disagree. (“Rob, when are those big funds that own tens of thousands of rentals going to start selling?” With rents and values going up like they are, don’t hold your breath.) Arguably inventory is at an all-time low . At the end of the fourth quarter, there were 1.48 million existing homes available for sale, which was 10.3% below the 1.65 million homes for sale at the end of the fourth quarter in 2016. On the other hand, based on responses to its Builder Application Survey (BAS), the Mortgage Bankers Association estimates that new home sales will increase dramatically this year. Jumbo and ARM News Note that last week’s residential application data showed that with the steeper yield curve…(read more)

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