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Here’s some trivia for today’s potluck in the Shipping Department: Las Vegas has 150,000 hotel rooms and spending a night in each would take you 411 years . Less trivial, a couple “sand states” over, Apis Cor, a Russian 3D printing construction company, and Sunconomy, a U.S. construction company, have received permits to build their first 3D printed geopolymer additively manufactured house in Lago Vista, Texas. Helping first-time home buyers or those moving to the area? U.S. Census Bureau research finds 11% of people move in a year, but 62% of those who do, stay in their same county! The main reasons people said they moved were relocate to a better home, establish their own household, for other family reasons, for a new job or transfer, and to find cheaper housing. Lender…(read more)

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