Bank Branch Trends and Different Outlooks for Chase and Wells; Walter Investment turmoil


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I know plenty of folks in Nebraska. And people who went to school there but left soon afterward. But I don’t know Elsie Eiler, who is the only resident of the entire town of Monowi, Nebraska . So, if you want to move some place and double its population, here’s your chance. Walter Investment Corp. In case you didn’t know, there aren’t many “pure” mortgage companies that are publicly traded, and you can watch the stock price. Walter Investment Corp. is a is a non-bank residential mortgage servicer who has seen its stock price plummet from $40 per share to 60 cents per share. In fact, it is going through a Chapter 11 reorganization plan. It is the parent of Ditech Financial and its reverse lending affiliate, Reverse Mortgage Solutions. The company has a broad…(read more)

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