Bank M&A Continues; Primer on LIBOR; What if the Fed Stops Buying MBS?


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“If you want to be successful on the highest level, be willing to serve on the lowest.” That is a great statement for companies who take charity work to heart. Taking liberties with the term “lowest,” here’s a short video of a fun activity the next time you’re at the airport: limbo under the seats at the gate . On the “highest” side of things, everyone is yammering about the $250 million dollar house for sale at 944 Bel Air Road, reportedly the most expensive house in America . (Insert White House joke here.) The 38,000 square-foot, 12-bedroom, 21-bathroom home boasts great views of Los Angeles. There are five bars inside in case a mortgage banking conference breaks out. Grab 11 of your friends, so everyone can have their own room, and pony up $20 million each, plus…(read more)

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