Best Year in a Decade? Good, but not Great


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Freddie Mac’s Economic and Strategic Research Team gave its forecast for housing in 2018 (which, as discussed below, it is now hedging a bit) in its October Outlook . This month they present a retrospection of how housing fared in the old one. Since we all lived through it, too much detail would be overkill, but for the sake of nostalgia (or maybe relief), a brief review. Not for the first time, Freddie Mac says 2017 appears on track to finish as the best year for housing in a decade. It was fostered by a GDP that averaged slightly over 3.0 percent in the first half of the year, and even though this expansion has been modest relative to other recoveries, it has been consistently positive. Robust job gains have helped support homebuyer demand, although wage growth has been disappointing. Low…(read more)

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