Blame Student Loans for Homebuying Trends? Not So Fast!


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Large burdens of student debt have been blamed by many for the delay in homebuying that has characterized the Millennial generation. In a recent post on CoreLogic’s Insights blog Director of Analytics, Jianiun Xie, looks at the effect of this debt on Millennials’ creditworthiness. Xie analyzed data from CoreLogic’s proprietary tenant scoring tool which is designed to measure the likelihood that renters will default on a lease within 12 to 18 months of applying to rent. The tool uses the applicant’s credit history from credit bureaus as well as specific rental application characteristics and has a scoring range of 200 to 800 with the higher numbers indicating higher credit quality. He looked specifically at prospective tenants aged 20 to 34 . He first compared the average…(read more)

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