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We’re entering the forecasting season, where thousands of managers have to come up with figures for 2020 regarding volumes, margins, and profits for CEOs and owners. Good luck. (Yesterday I told my cat Myrtle that she needed to provide me with 2020 forecasts for kibble expenses, litter use, and mouse & lizard consumption. The look of disdain she gave me was the equivalent of giving me the “middle claw.”) But if you’re looking for guidance, the Mortgage Bankers Association is a great place to start. In 2018 we did $1.64 trillion in originations, and the MBA predicts that in 2019 we’ll clock in with $1.94 trillion, and in 2020 $1.73 trillion, down about 10%. Dr. Michael Fratantoni noted that, “We are closely watching app volume to determine whether we will…(read more)

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