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To obtain a South Carolina Broker’s license or become a South Carolina Broker-In-Charge, you must have had three or more years of active licensure as a South Carolina Real Estate Agent within the last five years, and be over the age of 21.

Prior to applying for a Broker license, you must complete an additional 60 hours of Commission-approved education.  To ensure your success, ExceeD Real Estate School breaks these hours up into a Broker A course (30 hours) and a Broker B course (30 hours).   Upon passing the Broker’s examination, the applicant must apply for a license as a Broker or Broker-In-Charge within one year.

To receive recognition for out-of-state experience, the applicant must obtain a Certification of Licensure, including history, education, and disciplinary action from the real estate regulatory agency (commission, board, etc.) of all other states where he/she is or has been licensed within the past five years before applying for examination.

Applicable Fees:

PSI Examination Fee: $63
Application fee: $25
Two-Year Licensing Fee (Broker-In-Charge applicant): $250
Two-Year Licensing Fee (Broker only applicant): $125

A criminal background check is required of all applicants from a source approved by the Commission Pursuant to S.C. Code Section 40-57-115. Please visit the following link to obtain your SC Real Estate Commission criminal background check prior to submission of your application:


Thank you for choosing ExceeD Real Estate School for your Broker Licensing!

Available Courses

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