Broker, Digital, Appraisal Products; First Bank and Roosevelt Ink Deal


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Guys with an eyepatch and three fingers sell the best fireworks. Who does the best job selling mortgage products to consumers? Regulators, Agencies, and investors have seen the percentage of bank fundings drop and non-bank originations move higher over time, and by some estimates now account for 60% of residential volume. In the conferences that I have attended over the last several weeks this, and the increase in broker business, is a big topic of conversation. Here’s a piece on the STRATMOR site about banks, non-banks, and market share. (Switching from mortgages to deposits, the nine biggest banks today hold almost 50% of all deposits vs. 6% for the more than 4,000 banks with <$1B in assets. Back in 1994, those same smaller banks held 25% of banking assets.) S&P Global Market…(read more)

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