Broker, DPA Products; August Events; Mortgage Rates Slow to Drop – Why?


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As we digest the news that CIT is buying Mutual of Omaha Bank , others are looking at demographics. Families moving create jobs, right? From 2017 to 2018, roughly 32 million Americans moved. The reasons include family, work, and housing reasons, obviously. The five most common reasons ? 5.3 million moved because they wanted to move to a better house or apartment, 4.1 million moved to start a family, 3.6 million for a miscellaneous family reason, 3.3 million for a new job, and 2.6 million because they wanted cheaper housing. Hundreds of thousands moved to attend or leave college, wanted a change of climate, millions wanted to buy, not rent, or wanted an easier commute. And they are moving into smaller houses. After rising for a decade, average new home sizes are falling as builders pivot away…(read more)

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