CA Fire Declaration, Lender and Investor Disaster Updates/Resources


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I mentioned yesterday that 6,762 institutions took a residential loan application in 2016, per Richey May’s HMDA dashboard data. For perspective, the 2007 HMDA data shows that 8,610 lenders took at least 1 application that year, which probably doesn’t include those that went belly up before filing HMDA data…a drop of roughly 2,000 lenders in those “betwixt” 9 years. Disaster updates Northern & Southern California continues to be racked by deadly fires , and, on a personal side note, we’ve offered up our house for evacuees. And the damage and recovery remains in places like Texas, Louisiana, and Florida from the hurricanes. You can always find the latest disaster news, from the government’s perspective, at . I am sure we’ll see a spate…(read more)

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