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When I grow up, I want to own… 16,000 single family homes? Yes, here’s an article about how artificial intelligence has helped a landlord, and fund, accumulate that portfolio of rentals. It is a safe bet that a) the fund won’t be coming to you for a loan, and b) those are 16,000 homes that first-time home buyers won’t be viewing in an open house. And this is only one real estate investment firm. What about the size of those homes? From 1980 to 2009, the size of the largest 10 percent of houses increased 1.4 times as fast as the size of the median house. In 1973, newly built houses had an average of 507 square feet per resident, which by 2013 rose to an estimated 971 square feet per resident. Some of this, the paper contends, is because while Americans are pursuing larger…(read more)

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