Capital Markets Products; Non-QM Issuance; Freddie Extending Credit to Non-Banks?


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Air travel is an interesting thing, and very safe by most metrics. Did you know that there are between 440,000 and 660,000 people in the air over the U.S. at any given time? (This morning one of those will be me as it is off to Dallas for the TXAMP luncheon tomorrow.) “Not available for tracking per request from the owner” says a flight-tracking website which shows where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s private jet is in an attempt to figure out where Amazon’s second HQ will be. Freddie and Fannie News “Freddie Mac has quietly started extending credit to nonbanks that issue mortgages , a move it says will help the companies maintain access to a crucial stockpile of cash if their home loans go sour. But critics say the financing could create an unfair market advantage that allows preferred…(read more)

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