Capital Markets; Single Security Playbook; Vendor-Mania!


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Free ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops today? Count me in! Going back a few days, in Saturday’s commentary I mentioned a company offering blockchain HELOCs to brokers and correspondents. In other tech news, Bitcoin was used as collateral to buy a home in Amsterdam. An actor (the 90’s comedy Mighty Ducks) purchased the $1.2 million property using Bitcoin as collateral, according to a statement from lender Nexo . If you think that the mortgage biz is full of technology, you’re right. But golfers know that it is Masters’ Week. Augusta National doesn’t love technology; it loves that 21st-century advances can maintain the tournament’s pristine image. (Supposedly packing the azaleas with ice so they bloom at the right time is a myth.) Lender Products…(read more)

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