Broker, Marketing, DPA Tools; GSE Changes; Yield Curve, Employment, and Mortgage Rates

Posted To: Pipeline Press Some people save $2.95 a day by making coffee at home rather than stopping at Dunkin’ or Starbucks. It adds up! Something didn’t add up for WeWork which reported this morning that it lost $1.25 billion in the 3rd quarter. I think that’s the combined whole net worth of about 1,000 […]

MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Fight Back, But This is Still ‘Bearish Limbo’

Posted To: MBS Commentary The most defining moment of the big 2019 bond rally was undoubtedly the August 1st tariff announcement and the resulting massive reaction in both yields and volumes. The 2 weeks that followed represented the market's attempt to price in a scenario where global trade tensions would push the US and other […]

Underwriting, Broker, ECOA, Free LPMI Products; Fire AND Flood Updates

Posted To: Pipeline Press I continue to see headlines as I head to balmy Kansas today. There was, “A Court Ruling Makes Mortgages Vanish Into Thin Air.” This is a headline no lender wants to see, but apparently this court decision might change how home loans are valued in the secondary market . As if […]

Access to Conventional/Jumbo Credit Increased in October

Posted To: MND NewsWire Access to government loans continues to decline, but conventional and jumbo loans picked up the slack in October, pushing the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI) higher. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said the Index grew by 0.9 percent to 185.1 in October. A decline in the MCAI indicates that lending standards […]

MBS RECAP: Range-Bound Volatility as Bonds Respond to Corporate Issuance

Posted To: MBS Commentary There are all kinds of bonds out there. We follow the 10yr Treasury even though this is a mortgage-specific site for reasons outlined here . Beyond Treasuries and MBS, there is also a fairly substantial market for corporate bonds. That market is made slightly more relevant by the fact that corporate […]

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