CFPB and HUD Fire Away Into the Holidays, and Outline 2017’s Priorities


Posted To: Pipeline Press

The whole world is changing! There are 500 McDonalds in the United States that currently offer table service. The bring-your-burger-to-you trial has proven sufficiently successful that the fast-food giant plans to bring table service to all 14,000 or so of its domestic locations. Wait a minute… don’t we want them out paving roads and building bridges under the $1 trillion infrastructure plan? The rumor mill is working in FHA-land as the Trump Team narrowed the list for the next FHA Commissioner and Deputy Secretary of HUD . According to sources familiar with the situation, the Trump team is weighing Edward Brady, an Illinois home builder, and Debra Still, president and chief executive of Pulte Mortgage and a former chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association. and Brian Montgomery…(read more)

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