CFPB Goes After Individual LO; The Cost of Regulation on Home Prices; TRID Costs Continue


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Do you think your company’s computer system is immune from hacking? It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” – just ask Equifax about its data breaches hitting the press . Not only that, but one can buy practically anything on the internet: hackers are selling 117mm LinkedIn passwords on the web. Hackers will likely use such data to mine it and then gain access to email and bank accounts (because so many people reuse passwords for their various accounts). Change your passwords regularly (like from “Passwerd” to “abc1234”) and don’t use the same one for every account. The largest bank in Africa, Standard Bank Group Ltd., reports it has lost $19 million due to a sophisticated attack carried out in Japan: thieves forged 1,600 cards and withdrew money from…(read more)

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