CFPB Ruling and Takeaways for Lenders; Fed Change in Leadership


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Whale oil manufacturers… switchboard operators… real estate agents? “Knock does everything a traditional real estate agent does and so much more.” Launched by founding team members from … And don’t forget who owns Trulia: Zillow . Can an LO watch Trulia’s dog during the open house? Are small lenders endangered? Another is going away: Massachusetts’s HarborOne Bank has acquired Cumberland County Mortgage in South Portland, Maine. (Cumberland was already providing revenue for HarborOne through a TPO relationship with Merrimack Mortgage, which HarborOne bought in 2015.) In larger lender news, SoFi is cutting its mortgage staff . CFPB Developments, and the 250-Page Ruling In legal news, the DC Circuit Court won’t upend CFPB’s single…(read more)

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