CFPB Thoughts; Credit Suisse Settles; F&F Changes; Company Fined For a Boat Cruise?


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(Yes, a paragraph of pure fluff to start the year.) Does anyone handwrite checks anymore? Always a struggle to remember “2017” instead of “2016.” And here’s a story about twins being born in separate years . With the change in year it is good to know that Saudi Arabia is adopting the Gregorian calendar – the one we, and most of the world, uses and which was introduced in 1582. The state previously used the Islamic calendar, where it is 1438 , not 2016. The regulatory and compliance quagmire that residential lending finds itself in has some extreme examples. One was the Minnesota Department of Commerce settling, for $45,000, against title company TitleSmart for hosting a boat cruise supplying realtors and mortgage loan officers with dinner and drinks. Jeremy Potter…(read more)

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