Chase’s Demand Letters; Capital Markets Update; Zillow is Doing What?


Posted To: Pipeline Press

There is always something new in the legal arena, right? Below is news that JPMorgan Chase is pursuing remedies. Is it “legal” for Zillow to compete with real estate agents, or private investors, or to out-bid individuals or families in buying a house? My guess is “yes,” and they have plenty of lawyers to make sure – and join Blackstone and others in buying up single family homes. (More below on this Chase and Zillow news.) Legal Updates Remember the case of the monkey selfie? Even though all the parties settled last September, the court has refused to dismiss the case . (Worth clicking on just to see the darned monkey.) Forget all that stuff about court backlogs… In a more serious matter, Phil Stein, and attorney with Miami’s Bilzin Sumberg Baena…(read more)

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