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If you had $85 million you could buy 85 $1 million homes in as many countries, or one apartment in Manhattan’s West Side that includes two Rolls-Royces, a Lamborghini, a house in the Hamptons for a summer, a yacht, Brooklyn Nets season tickets (that’s a plus?), weekly dinners at a Michelin-starred restaurant, a butler, a private chef for a year, $2 million for renovations, and two seats on a flight to space . At the other end of the spectrum, a study by Deloitte shows that the average net worth of Americans aged 18-35 is below $8,000 and has dropped 34% since 1996. No wonder the “Bank of Mom & Dad” and down payment assistance programs are so popular. But wait – isn’t everyone aged 18-35 above average? That age group probably isn’t building many…(read more)

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