Companies Expanding; Bank Failure Stats Improving; Banks Easing Credit?


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“If you work hard and go the extra mile to provide for your family…I will take that extra income and give it to those who refuse to do the same!” Was that heard on the campaign trail? I don’t know. But it is making the rounds. And don’t forget that tomorrow is April’s Fools Day – be careful what you believe in daily commentaries. The Financial Times reported that client-reporting failure has cost big banks $43B since 2009 . “The world’s largest investment banks have been fined $43 billion during the past seven years for customer-reporting failure, according to Corlytics.” That is a lot of money. Something else that has cost a lot of money is bank failures. Fortunately, the number of failed banks peaked in 2010 and has been coming down ever since: 2008…(read more)

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