South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Course

Exceed Real Estate School is proud to bring the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Course to the Realtor community, offering the following courses:

  • CWP 101:  Orientation (2-hours)
    • Bringing  CWP students a small conference room style course for a more one-on -one experience with tailored and in depth instruction.
  • CWP 102: CWP State Licensure (8-hours)
    • Interactive CWP course to include South Carolina Law Enforcement Division requirements for your CWP application.

Our SC CWP Course focuses on the following topics:

  • South Carolina Law Abiding Citizens Self Defense Act of 1996 (CWP Law).
  • South Carolina Reciprocity Agreements.
  • Federal, State and Local Laws pertaining to restrictions and limitations on weapon carrying.
  • South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Holder’s responsibilities.
  • South Carolina Case Law regarding when and when NOT to use a weapon for Self Defense of yourself, your family, friends and/or others.
  • How to legally carry your pistol while in your residence, business or on personal property, as well as when you are traveling.
  • Understanding the South Carolina “Protection of Persons and Property Act”, also known as the Castle Doctrine.
  • Confrontational avoidance and alternatives to use of lethal force.
  • Basic and proactive daily security applications for protection.
  • Shooting fundamentals, including but not limited to the safety of firearm handling, firearm parts and operations, firearm ammunition and its functions, etc.
  • Instruction on how to select, clean and store a firearm.

When EXPERIENCE counts…you can COUNT on us.

Available Courses

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