Construction and HELOC Products; Non-QM Webinars; Mr. Cooper PUF Acquisition Details


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“Rob, we just went through our third staff reduction. Have you heard of any vendors that work on forecasting or doing ‘what if’ scenarios for lenders rather than us doing layoffs?” Sure – for less than a basis point Riivos helps originators make more money by providing visibility into the financial and operational components of the loan manufacturing process – management can make informed decisions on which changes to make to become more profitable. I asked management about their client’s performance in 2018, and they said, on average, Riivos mortgage customers are actually making 11 bps more in 2018 than 2017, significantly outperforming the industry in net income bps. (And no, this isn’t a paid ad – if it keeps one person from being cut, it’s…(read more)

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