Construction, Broker, and Recruiting Products; Pricing and Lock Policy Changes


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Builders & real estate agents are very interested in cost per square foot. How much does it cost to build something in New York City? How about $362 per square foot $362 per square foot – the highest in the world. Rate Sheet, Lock Policy, and Pricing Changes Of course “rate sheet” pricing for borrowers changes every day as the MBS market moves, servicing values fluctuate, risk is re-evaluated, and profit margins are adjusted. But below is a random sampling of more structural changes focused on purchase loan pricing, lock desk policies, overnight price protection, etc. Lenders operating across different time zones have always grappled with lock desk hours, for example, since hedging operations are done between 8AM and 5PM, ET, which is the same as, say, 2AM and 11AM in…(read more)

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