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There are still, surprisingly, people who deny that climate change is occurring. There are plenty of low-lying areas of this country that are threatened now or will be in the coming years. And just think of all those jumbo loans along the coast, like in California. Owners can spend millions to add more sand to a beach (which will wash away in a few years), build a seawall (roughly 30% of Southern California’s shore is already behind an expensive seawall , and they destroy public beaches), or retreat. The South has plenty of coastline, and what cities there have experienced a surge in population growth between 2017 and 2018? Well, they are all in Texas or Florida, with Austin (12,504), Jacksonville (12,153), Frisco, TX (10,884), McKinney, TX (9,888), and Miami (8,884) topping the list…(read more)

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