Construction, Vendor and Recruiting Products; Compliance and Dodd-Frank Notes


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As all the pre-printed “Patriots: 2018 Super Bowl Champions” t-shirts are being shipped off for donation to 3rd world countries (yes, that is what happens), the real estate market in this country continues to be hot. What does $500k take down in Denver? Here you go – thanks to Brian B. who sent this along. Compliance and Dodd Frank-Related Changes “For example, on a $300k loan I’ll see a discount point of 1% ($3,000) to buy down the rate and in turn I’ll see a credit of $3,000 to offset the discount point. Again, our pricing would be equivalent to the discount point, but we would not be able to provide the lender credit. So, my concern is that in this competitive environment, this tactic is nothing more than a pure ‘bait & switch.’ Get the…(read more)

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