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Per the South Carolina Real Estate Commission LLR, all South Carolina licensed real estate agents renewing as “ACTIVE” status are required to complete 10 hours of continuing education on a biennial basis by midnight of June 30th.

Salesmen and Brokers:  Must complete the 4-hour “3 P’s of Professionalism” Core course plus a total of 6 hours of Elective courses.

Brokers-In-Charge: Must complete the 4-hour “BIC Duties and Responsibilities”, the 4-hour “3 P’s of Professionalism” Core course plus 2 Elective hours.


CE Course calendar link:

Licensees Renewing as “ACTIVE” status:
• Salesperson and Broker Licensees will need a total of 10 hours of continuing education (4 hours must be the mandatory/core course and the remaining 6 may be elective course hours)
• Broker in Charge licensees are required to have the mandatory BIC Duties and Responsibilities course (4 hours), mandatory core course (4 hours), and 2 hours of electives
• Property Manager in Charge, Property Manager, and Timeshare Salespersons are not required to take continuing education.
Licensees Renewing as “INACTIVE” status or going inactive upon renewal:
• CE will not be required until the licensee re-activates



Professional Expectations and Obligations (CEE 2567) – 4 Hour Elective
Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule (CEE 2566) – 4 Hour Elective
Ethics (CEE 2613) – 2 Hour Elective  (This course is *not* the NAR Code of Ethics course) 
3D Real Estate: Disclosures, Duties & Diligence (CEE 2274) – 4 Hour Elective
Top Ten Ways to be Disciplined (CEE 2273) – 4 Hour Elective
TRID Safety in a Flood of Disclosures (CEE 2640) 4 Hour Elective
BIC Duties and Responsibilities (CEE 2698) 4 Hour Elective *Mandatory course for Brokers in Charge. Counts as Elective for Salesmen*
3P’s of Professionalism: Principles, Practices and Pitfalls (CEC 3024) – 4 Hour CORE


CE Broker: Credit for in-class courses will be automatically uploaded to CE Broker within 7 business days of the completion of the course.    To check the status of your hours, visit

ExceeD RES also offers online courses!   CLICK HERE to view or purchase online continuing education courses.


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