Conventional Conforming Changes From Agencies, Investors, and Lenders


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I, for one, have no interest in buying shoes online without trying them on first. The same with a mattress – I want to lie on it myself. (Lay? Lie?) It seems that somewhere mattresses are always on sale, and that includes on the internet. The U.S. mattress market is about $14 billion. Two years ago, about $300 million of that was online. With an explosion of players in the online mattress space, this year online sales could reach $1.2 billion . Real estate agents and LOs wonder about their jobs – are mattress sales jobs endangered? Agency News Doing anything with Fannie or Freddie, aka government sponsored enterprises, is way down the Congressional agenda, but as an industry we keep trying. Transforming & reforming the GSEs continues to be needed, and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae came…(read more)

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