CRA Changes; New Lender; Mortgage and Appraisal Books for Your Staff


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What is more relaxing than breakfast in bed? IHOP is there for you, and is testing IHOP home delivery in various states. Roshambo to see who answers the doorbell? In even more exciting news, we now have a new threshold for the smaller loan exemption from appraisal requirements for higher-priced mortgage loans. Heavyweights CFPB, OCC, and the Fed ratcheted it up slightly. Startup Under the category of bank-owned lenders, bemortgage is “the new kid on the block.” Operating out of Chicago, the company is a division of Bridgeview Bank Group founded by industry veterans…that collaborated to develop an innovative and strategic company in an evolving industry. On the LO role, Rob Sampson, CEO and co-founder, stated, “They will have access to the best programs, pricing, and tools so they can grow…(read more)

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