CRM, Broker Products; 2nd Mortgage and Conv. Conforming Trends


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For me the first three weeks in August includes time in California, Washington, Nevada, Tennessee, and Michigan. Did you know that roughly 80% of new houses being built are in the South or West? Freddie and Fannie know a lot about lending on new homes, and lending to first time home buyers. Recall that a piece of their gfees goes from the borrower to the government, and their profits go to the government as well through “dividend sweeps.” What are the Agencies talking about these days in meetings with clients? Appraisal modernization, Fannie’s servicing marketplace , and data validation top the list. And fine if you want to ask them about the QM patch, but they will do what regulators and the FHFA tell them to do about it and that won’t be known for quite some time….(read more)

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