Customer Service, Digital White Papers; How Specified Pool Pricing Helps Sellers


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Catsup or Ketchup? Language is fascinating. The mortgage biz is filled with acronyms, and the last time I counted there were over 850 commonly used abbreviations that are Greek to anyone outside of the biz. Okay, I just made that number up, but it is an overwhelming number. (What’s a “HENRY?” High Earner Not Ready Yet to buy a house.) Even something as simple as “LO” is something we use every day but has to explained to a borrower. Speaking of LOs, their role is changing, as is their compensation, and here is STRATMOR’s latest blog on the topic. Lender Products and Services Northpointe Bank Correspondent Lending is pleased to announce the addition of the Assignment of Trade (AOT) and Bulk Assignment of Trade (Bulk AOT) delivery methods . The AOT delivery…(read more)

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