Database, Section 184 Products; Lennar/Eagle Lawsuit; Mergers Continue Nationwide


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In HELOC news, “traditional” lenders know that online lender Prosper plans to offer home equity lines of credit this year. The threats to real estate agents’ business models also just keep coming. Besides Clever, Ribbon Home, Zillow Offers, and Open door, this is now Who wouldn’t want to sell their house in one day, and receive their cash in seven? Obtaining its true market value is a whole different issue, however. In that vein, recall that proposed banking regulations would allow real estate property valuations to be based on computer algorithms and not require evaluation by a licensed human appraiser for homes under $400,000. Data by the Census and National Association of Realtors finds 67% of US homes sell for $400,000 or less, so the proposal arguably…(read more)

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