Deep Dive on FHFA’s Home Price Figures; Wells on Investing With Imperfect Info


Posted To: Pipeline Press

What does $24 million buy you in Oregon ? Just find 24 people to pony up a million each. Some economists love to look at the FHFA’s housing statistics. Newly minted math and statistics majors, and summer interns, employed by the FHFA to put them together, also love them. These numbers, of course, only reside in the world of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, nut are useful to a limited degree, especially when viewed in context and taken over several months. Things look pretty good , and we certainly see a different picture than a few short years ago when the trend was negative. As a reminder, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) sends out its House Price Index (HPI), and one can take a gander at it monthly or quarterly – to smooth out those fluctuations. The HPI is calculated using home sales…(read more)

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