Digital Lender Products; Update on Vendors; Rates Edge Higher


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The Census Bureau defines millennials as those born between 1982 and 2000, which means this year their age ranges from 18 to 36. Many will argue that a 36-year old doesn’t have a lot in common with a current high school senior, but the Bureau has lumped them together forever. Regardless of age group, who doesn’t believe in reducing the difficulty in obtaining home financing? Here is Julian Hebron’s take on how selling a house and buying a new one may soon be as easy as trading in a car – one click . (Lots more on digital trends below.) Vendor-mania Let’s play catch up with vendors – those guys with a knack for combining phonetically spelled names, capitalizing letters in the middle, and then putting a trademark on it. It’s hard to find anyone who can…(read more)

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