Disaster, Flood, and Water News; The Fed Raised Rates – The Sun Still Rose


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As more people under the age of 30 enter residential lending, what is happening on the other end? Well, congrats to SunTrust’s Elaine Lee who is retiring after 35 years at the Bank. 35 years is an eye-opener! And retiring after 38 years in the biz is Paul Miller with Academy Mortgage. Think of how many tens of thousands of borrowers these two directly or indirectly helped. At the other end of the age & work spectrum we have interns: the monthly income level of tech interns at some well-known companies is pretty darned eye-opening as well. The disaster news and lender reactions have continued in November and December. AmeriHome is tracking and providing disaster updates in reference to Hurricane Matthew. FEMA’s amendment No. 14, declared an incident period end date of 10/24/2016 to DR 4285…(read more)

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