Disaster Updates; RBS Lawsuit Setback; Lender Products


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Yesterday was the release of the HMDA information by the CFPB. Yes, there is a dashboard to slice and dice the data; more information below. And yes, HMDA data collection changes enforced by the CFPB are moving forward. Disaster updates Chase correspondent published its Irma news . Flagstar has announced the availability of FHA’s 203(h) mortgages for borrowers who lost their homes in a presidentially declared disaster. The program is available for all FHA brokers and correspondents, including DE delegated correspondents. The 203(h) program is a purchase or reconstruction financing program for purchase or reconstruction of a single-family property or condominium unit that will be occupied as the borrower’s principal residence. Flagstar Bank is resuming fundings for all loans except FHA, located…(read more)

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