We offer the below special offers for our in-class courses*!  If one of these could apply to you, be sure to give us a call at 803-947-9233 before registering so we can provide you with an offer code!


Register for any licensing course at least 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the start day of the class, and receive an “Early Bird Special”


Register for the Unit I and Unit II Real Estate course concurrently and receive a “Bundle Deal”.  


We offer discounted rates to certified teachers, military personnel, veterans, law enforcement and first responders!   Thank you for the time, commitment and service you provide to our community.  Our service discount is the only offer that is able to be combined with other offers.


*Special offers do not apply to online courses.  Special offers are not automatic and students must mention qualification and provide proof of affiliation (if applicable) prior to registering in order to receive special offers.  No rebates or refunds will be issued for offers not known by a registered student after registration is complete.  The Early Bird Special and Bundle Deal cannot be combined and only apply to licensing courses. 


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