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What’s age got to do with anything? In the new issue of STRATMOR Group’s Insights report, Sr. Partner Jim Cameron debunks several of myths many lender CEOs believe: that the average LO is 52-55 years old, that the LO’s age makes a difference in his or her productivity, and that younger borrowers (20s & early 30s) would prefer dealing with an LO closer to their own age. Cameron takes a closer look at these perceptions-and reality. Don’t miss this great year-end story: STRATMOR Insights report . The CFPB and HMDA The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act is overseen by the CFPB. Yesterday it was nice to hear that it plans to reopen its rulemaking for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and will not assess penalties against mortgage lenders for any errors in data collected in 2017. So, under Mr. Mulvaney…(read more)

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