Down Payment Study; The “New” CFPB; Solid Housing and Lending Stats


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Yes, rates have gone up, but residential applications have been up for three straight weeks. There is little denying that employment, housing, and the overall economy is doing well. (Yes, Toys R Us is closing 182 stores, but supposedly due to the shift in retail preferences.) And there is no denying that, despite all the smiles and congeniality at conferences, residential lending is a competitive business. Your success can result in another’s failure. The same environment exists in camel beauty contests in Saudi Arabia, which apparently have been wracked with a Botox cheating scandal. (You can’t make this stuff up.) CFPB and Regulatory Trends The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, now led by the anti-CFPB ex-congressman Mick Mulvaney, has put a hold on regulations restricting…(read more)

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