Enforcement Action Webinar; Non-QM Snapshot; German 10-year Yield Drops Below 0%


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Congrats to former President Jimmy Carter. As of today he is no longer just the oldest living U.S. president, but now is the longest-living in the nation’s history. Created in 1986 LIBOR was not around during his presidency, but the transition away from using LIBOR is also making news. The Alternative Reference Rates Committee, a Federal Reserve-backed advisory panel, says it wants to see, by June, a computer model for mortgages that incorporates an alternative interest-rate benchmark to replace Libor. Daniel Coates, a Federal Housing Finance Agency official and a panel member, says that is “a really aggressive deadline.” (LIBOR, by the way, is owned by ICE , who also, for the folks playing along at home, owns MERSCORP Holdings who brings us MERS .) Lender Products and Services On March 26…(read more)

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