Escrow, Warehouse, Retention Products; Freddie and Fannie Primary Market Changes


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Two companies, Google and Facebook, are dominating the digital side of the marketing business. Six out of every ten dollars spent on digital ads is spent with one of them, and that’s accelerating: the pair claim nine out of every ten new digital ad dollars. I wonder how many first-time home buyers visit one or both during the day? Probably 100%. According to Freddie Mac, first-time buyers, whose median age is 32, accounted for 46% of all purchase mortgages in Q1. This is the largest share since 2012, and likely reflects a softening credit environment and a strong job market. Moreover, millennials with the wherewithal are apparently entering the housing market in substantial numbers, fearing that rising interest rates and appreciating property values will eventually shut them out. Fannie…(read more)

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