Events and Webinars for Lenders; BFCP/CFPB Updates – Lawsuit Dropped


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As a loan officer, how would you like the borrower’s first contact to be with your CEO or head of mortgage? A Wells borrower is greeted by Michael DeVito, Freedom by Stan Middleman, Quicken by Dan Gilbert, and so on? Or, least, an avatar of them? UBS has created a digital clone of Daniel Kalt, chief investment officer for Switzerland, to greet clients and to offer financial advice on-screen , along with a digital assistant that conducts transactions. ( Just looking at the photo in the article gives me the willies . Just because IT says we can do it, does it mean we should?) Upcoming Events Don’t miss out on the Lenders One 2018 Summer Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 5-8, at The Grand America. In an age of disruption, it’s never been more important to learn from…(read more)

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