Fannie and Freddie Updates Including Duty to Serve, Risk Sharing, HARP, HAMP, ULDD, etc.


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Hey, don’t know what to get your favorite capital markets guy or gal this year for Christmas? Here’s a memorable gift , with a one minute video. Although apps rose slightly last week, folks in the secondary marketing department are wondering if there any pipelines left to sell. And what will pipelines look like after the end of December when the pre-election loans fund? (Before I forget, here’s a Christmas tip: take empty boxes, wrap them in festive paper, then throw them in the fire every time a child misbehaves.) FormFree spread the word that, “Four of the most critical pillars of the loan are income, identity, asset, and employment. Now that Fannie Mae has weighed in on using automated verification technology for three of these four pillars (i.e. asset via AccountChek and Employment…(read more)

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